Any successful development requires the use of standard contracts to facilitate the sales process.

Usually developers are concerned with the following:
  1. Preparation of the initial Purchase and Sales Agreement
  2. Preparation of Draft Transfers
  3. Rental Pool Arrangements
  4. Property Management
We can assist developers in the preparation of draft sales and purchase agreements in relation to parcels of land, condominiums, we can prepare draft templates for use through out the sales process of your development, for example draft purchase and sale agreements, draft rental pool agreements, draft property management agreements. 

While the above relates to a development where property is being sold to individual purchasers. Some developers may wish to structure their developments through the use of limited partnerships, companies or real estate investment trusts, wherein the investor purchases shares, units or other securities in a property development. We can assist in the preparation of subscription agreements, due diligence questionnaires, transfer forms.
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